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When: backdated to a week or so ago.

[Little Sakura can't sleep. Must be all the rainy storms. But she's a ninja, so she should be...brave, and...

...and padding over to mister Uchiha's room, mmhmm. That's the spirit. Knock knocks.]
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LOG. Lavi & Sakura | AIM conversation

WHEN: 09 October
Warning: Smushed up convos due to LJ inconsistency. ;_;

Collapse )<_< hotforhistory (15:29:36): Pffft what're you imagining NOW, huh? one last hit (15:29:42): ..................... one last hit (15:29:42): NOTHING one last hit (15:29:46): ANYAY one last hit (15:29:57): ABOUT YOUR SITUATION one last hit (15:30:05): ugh, I hate making typos. one last hit (15:30:07): ANYWAY one last hit (15:30:14): W one last hit (15:30:14): W, stupid keyboard one last hit (15:30:14): good. one last hit (15:30:17): YOUR SITUATION hotforhistory (15:30:29): Y'know, I don't mind getting some time off, actually. hotforhistory (15:30:42): I kept enough edible things in my room to stay alive for the first week one last hit (15:31:10): ...well, you can get time off even when NOT locked inside your own room, dumbass hotforhistory (15:31:32): haha nah, i'd get kicked for that. at least I had a valid excuse now. hotforhistory (15:31:39): But it's kinda getting old so. hotforhistory (15:31:48): I might just try the LICKING as yous said one last hit (15:32:01): .............................................. one last hit (15:32:07): okay fine. one last hit (15:32:07): stay there. one last hit (15:32:25): with your licking hotforhistory (15:32:52): come help me? hotforhistory (15:33:10): no breaking the door; i need that to keep the robots away from my things one last hit (15:33:13): ....................HAVE FUN, LAVI hotforhistory (15:33:20): but..! one last hit (15:33:23): LICK ALONE hotforhistory (15:33:26): sakuraaaaa one last hit (15:33:39): that sounded wrong, didn't it? hmm, let me see how I can rephrase it one last hit (15:33:52): ...I can break the window. one last hit (15:34:04): Climb up the outer wall to it and sneak you out. hotforhistory (15:34:13): so practical to be a ninja~ one last hit (15:34:22): I'll teach you sometime one last hit (15:34:29): But never with kunai. hotforhistory (15:34:30): I'm so LUCKY to have you! one last hit (15:34:43): Keep the compliments going hotforhistory (15:35:08): i was wondering. I've never seen you wear my christmas gift one last hit (15:35:57): ...I was waiting for a special occasion. hotforhistory (15:36:06): awwwwwww one last hit (15:36:13): Normally, I have to keep the hitai ate on. Ninja rule. :< hotforhistory (15:36:23): oh? i didn't know that one one last hit (15:36:33): I made it up. hotforhistory (15:36:49): ....HURT. you're just making excuses! one last hit (15:36:54): Not really, but it IS plausible! I've seen people keeping them on even when they ssleep! one last hit (15:37:04): dhdjhgk typos. Excuse me. hotforhistory (15:37:12): sssssleep. hotforhistory (15:37:18): ssssssssssssssleeppppp one last hit (15:37:20): If there is ever--SHUT UP one last hit (15:37:29): Just for that I take back my offer. one last hit (15:37:33): the one I was about to say hotforhistory (15:37:37): what no! hotforhistory (15:38:05): i take back the sssssleep and the ssssssssssssssleeppppp one last hit (15:38:20): ..... one last hit (15:38:38): I was going to say that I'll wear them if we're shoved into another ball this Halloween one last hit (15:39:37): Have I rendered you speechless? one last hit (15:39:41): VICTORY ! hotforhistory (15:39:48): i dropped a pencil hotforhistory (15:39:52): Sorry, am back now! one last hit (15:40:04): ...you're writing things as you speak to me hotforhistory (15:40:06): What'd you wear with them? one last hit (15:40:08): I feel so neglected! one last hit (15:40:12): so second choice! one last hit (15:40:18): So unloved! hotforhistory (15:40:35): I'm good at multitasking, oi one last hit (15:40:46): Is there anything you're not good at? one last hit (15:40:53): ...aside from being a ninja. one last hit (15:41:30): Or a medic. one last hit (15:41:35): Or a girl. hotforhistory (15:41:42): Hey! one last hit (15:41:43): ...at least I hope you're not good at being a girl hotforhistory (15:41:49): I'm good at being a girl! hotforhistory (15:41:56): I make an AWESOME woman one last hit (15:42:01): ...............I hate you. hotforhistory (15:42:07): You haven't seen it? one last hit (15:42:12): okay, okay, I'm coming to break you out. hotforhistory (15:42:32): I'm also a decent medic. hotforhistory (15:42:38): Okay~ one last hit (15:42:39): I do remember, I remember that even BOYS have bigger bra cups when turned into girls. one last hit (15:42:39): Mother nature is cruel. one last hit (15:42:50): Your room number and floor, Lavi hotforhistory (15:43:06): aww, there's nothing wrong with your measurments, Sakura hotforhistory (15:43:11): I'm in room one! one last hit (15:43:13): I know. one last hit (15:43:18): Some like them one last hit (15:43:23): --room one floorone? hotforhistory (15:43:33): floor two, technically hotforhistory (15:43:35): but yes one last hit (15:43:37): ......why didn't you. Break the window and jump out? one last hit (15:43:52): ...<.< the fall's not that big. And if you used that hammer of yours... hotforhistory (15:44:01): even if I'd been on the seventh floor it wouldn't have mattered hotforhistory (15:44:05): I have my hammer, y'know? one last hit (15:44:15): Yes, I heard about it. one last hit (15:44:24): You need to show me how it works! hotforhistory (15:44:30): ......really? one last hit (15:44:38): I told you the story of my battle. one last hit (15:44:43): Your turn now! hotforhistory (15:44:53): Oh wow yeah sure i'll show you! one last hit (15:44:59): And don't use puns about how your hammer grows and grows, or I'll smack you hotforhistory (15:45:06): you've gotta be the first person who WANTS me to show it to you. hotforhistory (15:45:19): ahhaha i'll try? one last hit (15:45:25): Do try. one last hit (15:45:28): OKAY, SAKURA TO THE RESCUE one last hit (15:45:31): HOLD ON TIGHT! one last hit (15:45:36): ...and step away from your windows hotforhistory (15:45:45): Already done!
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High School AU event. I'VE BEEN ENABLED

[Age] 17
[Student or teacher/staff?] Student
[Bakground] Sakura is your friendly class representative, the honour student, top of her class. She's smart, and a big nerd when it comes to...well, a lot of subjects; and she has a very strict morale code which consists basically of: Those who do wrong will be punished. Bullies, beware, she's part of the Judo Club, and she doesn't discriminate when it comes to bullies' gender.
Collapse )
[Relationships] ping me and we'll talk
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This gets the muse moving.

Ask Sakura five things you've always wanted to know, regardless of whether any of your characters have interacted with them him. Put in the subject line whether you'd like an IC or OOC answer. It doesn't matter what. Five things/five people/five thoughts/five places/five times/five cups of tea/five dreams/five pokes. Those are merely examples.

Yes, totally stolen from Neji-mun. Fritches share.
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ooc; canon update

Sakura, Miranda and Orihime won't be participating in the canon update this month. Sakura and Orihime already have an idea about what happened thanks to the 4th Wall event, in a way, and Miranda...err...I'd rather spare her the angst until I know for sure how she currently is. As for Naoto...er. I'm thinking of dropping her, so go figure.
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[log] so I see you have hair...

[ooc: Cont'd from this huge thread.]

*after a stop for an aspirin, and another stop to grab clean, warm clothes, she headed to the bathroom, where a long, hot shower awaited her*

*emmerges from the bathroom ten minutes later, dressed in a loose black shirt and long pants she found in her baggage (who put her home clothes there, she didn't know, but who cared), running a towel through her wet hair, and humming*

[ooc; Locked to Deidara. Water fights and forest fights might not be the most hygienic thing ever, but they made do. XD;; Backdated to the 12th. Rated R due to, Bekah's words, SHEER HOTNESS.]